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The Final Countdown Sunday, 05/26/2013
Buster After seven long years, new episodes of Arrested Development are finally here. Taste the happy, fans. Thanks Netflix!

Arrested Development Ultimate Trivia Contest Friday, 02/03/2012
Buster There will be an epic battle to determine which fan knows the most about Arrested Development throughout the month of February. Visit this link to find out how to prove yourself worthy.

Save Steve Holt! Friday, 02/03/2012
Barry Zuckerkorn I'm sure everyone's heard about the new season and the new movie by now, right? Well, they will be incomplete without one very special character...


Join the cause to get him back on the show!


Check Out Some Sweet AD Apparel! Thursday, 07/28/2011
Maeby Hey everyone, check out this awesome t-shirt designed by an Arrested fan!

Check it out!

New Arrested Development Within the Year? Wednesday, 04/20/2011
George According to Jeffrey Tambor, this may be the case. Apparently, the script is being worked on now, and may even be completed! Read more here.

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Maeby: "Wanna go shopping with me? Bet you could get something cool."
Narrator: In fact, George Michael had been trying to prove to Maeby that he was macho, after an embarrassing brush with her"
Maeby: "You're legs look exactly like mine, and I just shaved mine!"
George Michael: "So i'm thinking about getting a motorcycle."
End Flashback
George Michael: "Yeah I'm going to need a leather jacket for when I'm on my hog and need to go into a controlled slide."

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